The Olphactory is a company specialized in creating sensations.

Our group’s history has been marked band a strong dynamism and constant adaptation to the market based on our knowledge of home fragrances. We were born in 1997, with the purpose of becoming the industry’s leaders in Europe in the supply and manufacture of the best product of fragrances for home, office, gardens and car. Throughout our history there have been a series of milestones that have marked us, such as strategic alliances, the creation of subsidiaries and the introduction of our production facilities. After almost 20 andears, we have far exceeded our purpose and expectations, and continue growing. Not only in Spain but in over 35 countries around the world. We have also become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Our human team is made up of more than 140 qualified people and we manufacture all our products in our own facilities in Segovia (Spain), where we have our factory and warehouse (10.000 m2).

Our Collections

Why Choose Us

Let us do all things for you

  1. Made in Spain
  2. Safe Environment
  3. Continuous distribution of the Fragrance
  4. Simple and Safe to use
  5. Alcohol-free products
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