Animikados Wild · Scented Candle · Citrus Paradise

Parrots represent young people at heart with their eloquence and sweetness. Energetic and funny, it reminds you to never give up. Pay attention to the signs around you… Maybe it’s the perfect time for you to chase those dreams you once thought to be out of you reach!

If the Parrot is your spirit animal, your bright soul knows exactly when to speak, when to keep quiet and when it’s time to listen without judging, that’s why friends always surround you. When necessary, Parrots know how to use their good sense of humour to cheer everyone up and encourage them to always dream beyond dreams!

  • Spirit Animal
  • Aroma: Citrus Paradise.
  • Collection: Animikados Wild.
  • Scented Candle of vegetable wax
  • Made in Spain

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