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Ambientair Classic Replacement Aroma Strawberry 250ml

$ 13,95

  • Aroma: Strawberry
  • 0% alcohol
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain

It is the spring fruity fragrance par excellence. The scented stick strawberry air freshener is sweet and will bring out our inner energy, creating warm stays. Intense and pleasant.

Release notes: acid notes and apple.

Heart notes: strawberry and tropical touch.

Background notes: vanilla, musk and red berries.

If you have finished your air freshener, do not worrand. Reuse your glass bottle with our refills of aromatic essences, and re-release fragrance in your home. Do not forget the rods so that your scented stick will smell like the first day.

  • 250ml: More than 5 months.

Press the cap while turning it to the right and once opened, pour the liquid into your favorite glass bottle, being careful not to spill liquid freshener. Once you fill the bottle, insert the rods into a fan shape. You can also put rods directland into the refill. Allow a few hours to immerse themselves in the fragrance and turn them over, replacing them in a fan shape. To increase the intensity of the aroma in the room, simply turn the rods as many times as desired.

  • Size: Ø 6 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 357 g
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