Animikado Car freshener Aroma Eternal Optimist

$ 3,95

Fresh and dynamic aroma for people with spark. The vitality of the mango, the freshness of the tangerine and the soft ambrated notes brighten the soul and move melancholy away. (Olfactory family: fruit and floral).

Release notes: nard flower bouquet and tangerine citrus notes.

Heart notes: watery orchid and mango sensations.

Background notes: musk amber aroma.

Here you can discover all our aroma diffusers specially designed for car air freshener. Their designs make them the perfect complements for your trips. Put them in the air conditioning or hang them from the rear-view mirror to set your spaces outside the house. Take a car freshener on your routes!

  • 6 ml.: More than 1 month in duration.

Unscrew the wooden stopper and remove the plastic shutter from your Animikauto car freshener. Re-screw the wooden cap completely and pour the air freshener a few seconds, avoiding excess saturation of the cap to prevent dripping. The stopper will absorb the fragrance giving a touch of perfume to the vehicle.

The Animikado are a perfect gift to tell someone how special it is and to put words to what we find difficult to express. Its fragrances help improve our mood, promoting values such as freedom, joy, optimism, good humor, relaxation or enthusiasm for life. And the aromas are like emotions, some reach the brain and others go straight to the heart.

  • Size: 8 x 7,8 x 4,2 cm.
  • Weight: 26 g
  • Illustrations by Mónica Carretero.

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