Animikado Replacement Aroma Urban Warrior 250ml

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  • Aroma: Vanilla, Wood
  • 0% alcohol
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain

The caramelized fragrance surrounds you, reducing anxiety and creating a surprisingly special environment. Recover all your energy and awaken your creative vitality thanks to the warmth of the vanilla. Close your eyes and leave behind the stress with this fragrance of scented stick vanilla so rich, sweet and traditional air freshener., Let some memories of the Orient invade the atmosphere … the Wood air freshener has a robust aroma that smells like sandalwood, jasmine , rose and amber.

Release notes: peach, orange, apple and milky.

Heart notes: chocolate, lilacs and white flowers.

Background notes: vanilla and candy., Release notes: rose and cedar.
Heart notes: jasmine and ca

If you have finished your air freshener, do not worrand. Reuse your glass bottle with our refills of aromatic essences, and re-release fragrance in your home. Do not forget the rods so that your scented stick will smell like the first day.

  • 250ml: More than 5 months.

Press the cap while turning it to the right and once opened, pour the liquid into your favorite glass bottle, being careful not to spill liquid freshener. Once you fill the bottle, insert the rods into a fan shape. You can also put rods directland into the refill. Allow a few hours to immerse themselves in the fragrance and turn them over, replacing them in a fan shape. To increase the intensity of the aroma in the room, simply turn the rods as many times as desired.

The Animikado are a perfect gift to tell someone how special it is and to put words to what we find difficult to express. Its fragrances help improve our mood, promoting values such as freedom, joy, optimism, good humor, relaxation or enthusiasm for life. And the aromas are like emotions, some reach the brain and others go straight to the heart.

  • Size: Ø 6 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 357 g
  • Illustrations by Mónica Carretero.
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