Animikado Scented Sticks Aroma Free Spirit


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  • Aroma: Oxygen
  • 0% alcohol
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain

Intense and fresh fragrance, ideal for awakened minds, with personality. The citrus notes of bergamot welcome a deep smell of the countryside, with pine tree needles, sandalwood woods, cedar and vetiver. Pure energy and vitality. (Olfactory family: cool).

Release notes: fresh notes, oxygen sensations and oil of bergamot.

Heart notes: oil of geranium and wild petals, starry anise, light spices and ozonical notes.

Background notes: musk verde, pine tree needles, sandalwood woods and cedar and vetiver.

Each scented stick air freshener in each collection has its own personal standle, with intense colors that make it a different decorative element. Glass bottles retain the properties of the fragrance. The natural rattan rods of the scented stick air freshener are specialland indicated for the setting and promote the diffusion of essences for weeks. Here we propose a universe full of aromas and unique colors, for all tastes. Fragrances, floral, fruity, woody, fresh, sweet, intense, spicy, relaxing or tropical, all made to locate a scented stick air freshener in every moment of your life.

  • 50ml: More than two months of fragrance.
  • 100ml: More than 3 months and a half of duration.

Remove the wooden trim and remove the plastic shutter, keeping the bottle upright and being careful not to spill liquid freshener. Do not put your ANIMIKADOS reed diffuser on delicate surfaces (varnished, painted or synthetic) that may be damaged. Put the wooden neck back and insert the rods into the bottle, placing them in the form of a fan. Allow a few hours to be impregnated with fragrance and turn them over, returning them to a fan shape. To increase the intensity of the aroma in the room, simply turn the rods as many times as desired.

The Animikado are a perfect gift to tell someone how special it is and to put words to what we find difficult to express. Its fragrances help improve our mood, promoting values such as freedom, joy, optimism, good humor, relaxation or enthusiasm for life. And the aromas are like emotions, some reach the brain and others go straight to the heart.

  • Size
    • 50ml: Ø 5,7 x 22,3 cm
    • 100ml: Ø 8 x 26,3 cm
  • Weight
    • 50ml: 155 g
    • 100ml: 320 g
  • Illustrations by Mónica Carretero.
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