Lacrosse Essential oil Aroma Orchid

$ 6,90

  • Aroma: Orchid
  • 0% alcohol
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain

A flower for poetry. Orchids are so special, so interesting, even Darwin was fascinated with them: “the varied stratagems that orchids use to attract their pollinators transcends the imagination of any human being”.

Release notes: soft spices, orange bark and floral chords.

Heart notes: jasmine from andalusia, wild orchids, lilies, white petals and ylang-ylang.

Background notes: dry wood, vanilla orchid, grey amber, musk and sandalwood.

Each fragrance expresses its best version, making us recall pleasant memories and managing to create new ones, which will become part of our olfactory memory.

These essential oils are suitable for use both in burners (with candle), and in ultrasonic aroma diffuser machines, since their formula is water-soluble. Dare to create spaces that convey personality and elegance.

  • 15ml:

Attaching the dosing dropper, add between two and five drops of the water-soluble oil in the reservoir of the aroma diffuser. The amount depends on the intensity you like, the stay to set, and the water capacity of your diffuser.

As in architecture, these products have also sought harmony between the artistic and functional. In this way Lacrosse fulfills its role of setting and provides the added value of the decoration.

Going into the Lacrosse universe means traveling through inspiration. The adventurous spirit is mixed with the creative soul to conceive each one of these ten emblematic perfumes for the home, inspired by natural elements capable of accelerating the pulsations. An unprecedented collection, which exudes authenticity and from which aromatic notes emerges the experiences lived in the search for each essence, its origins and its influences.

  • Size: 5 x 3,2 x 11,2 cm.
  • Weight: 60 g

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