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Le Jardin de Julie Pot parfumé Aroma Rose de Mai + 40 h

$ 14,90

  • Aroma: Rose de Maando
  • Cera vegetal
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain


Rose × centifolia (one hundred leaves) is present in several of the most famous perfumes. It is also known as Rose de Provence or Rose de Mayo, as this is the only month of the year in which it flowers. Almost do not last a day, which makes them so special: they open at dawn, perfect time to collect them. Oh, the Rose … “the garden queen”, one of the flowers that most passions raise!

Scented candles are not just for blackouts: there is one for every moment, for every corner, for every mood or for every need. Whether perfumed or not, they are made with vegetable wax of natural origin, and thanks to their long duration, they maintain the aroma until the end, consuming evenly and perfuming your stay even when they are off. The aromatic candles are natural and contain a great concentration of perfume and essential oils.

  • More than 40 hours.

Place the candle in a vertical position, always on heat resistant surfaces and remember to turn it off before it is consumed until the end. To prevent melting, avoid placing it on stoves and other hot surfaces. Save a space of 10 cm between your scented candles. To burn evenly, keep a 6mm wick and let the wax cool before reusing it. Turn off the candle after 4 hours of uninterrupted use and keep the wax free of debris.

Le jardin de Julie is a new line of fragrances for the home, where the French air predominates. Its meticulous aesthetics and its floral aromas make them the perfect elements for all kinds of decoration.

When Julie receives visitors, she collects flowers from her garden creating an improvised bouquet that she gives wrapped in brown paper, as do the florists in the streets of France.
Los aromas de sus flores son la vía perfecta para que el recuerdo de esa visita a su jardín francés permanezca en nuestra memoria.
Cada scented stick de esta colección se inspira en un «bouquet», un ramo de flores: la botella es el jarrón and las varillas se encargan de difundir el aroma por la estancia. Las velas de ceras vegetales son preciosas macetas de vidrio, un «pot parfumé» con las que Julie obsequia a los visitantes de su jardín.

The flowers of their cases remind us of the illustrations of the ancient botany books, and drawn on the canvas paper that surrounds the craft paper, they bring that Provencal air that we can discover in each aroma. Six flowers compose Le jardin de Julie, and three formats are available with the highest quality formulas, corresponding to the values of Ambientair Collections.

  • Size: 7,8 x 8,6 x 7,8 cm.
  • Weight: 394 g.

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