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Diffuser 500ml Pause CASHMERE TO

500 ml · 16.90 fl oz


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This new reed diffuser will provide beauty and aroma thanks to its large, amber-coloured glass container. Its scent is continuous thanks to the rattan sticks, a 100% natural material that enhance the distribution of the fragrance, so that the scent remains in your home for a longer period of time.
You will create an aromatic experience in your home that will captivate you.

A pause amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a moment of tranquility and serenity in which you are enveloped by a soft, fresh floral breeze. The presence of grass and lavender transports you to a field of wildflowers, where the air is filled with the sweet, fresh fragrance of nature. The blue flowers, iris, and gardenia, bring a sense of delicacy and elegance.
It is as if you were walking through a secret garden, surrounded by exquisite flowers that give you their beauty and fragrance. With notes of musk and amber, which add depth and mystery to the ambiance, it feels like a soft, warm caress that envelops you in a sense of well-being and calm.




Top: grass, lavander, wild flowers.
Middle: blue flowers, iris, gardenia.
Base: musk, amber.


Remove the cap from the bottle and insert the reeds. After a few hours, turn them over, distributing them in the form of a fan. For proper maintenance (and to increase the intensity of the perfume), invert the sticks once a week. The aroma intensity will depend on the type of fragrance chosen, the number of reeds inserted and the temperature of the room where the diffuser is located. Don’t forget to wash your hands after contact with the sticks or liquid and wipe up any drops that may have spilled.


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