Recambio 250ml GOJI BLACK TEA TO

250 ml · 8.45 fl oz


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When our best-selling aromas become your homes’ favourites, you can enjoy them again and save money. Using a basic bottle and a secure cap, refills for reed diffusers offer you the essential key: the experience. Its scent is continuous thanks to the rattan sticks, a 100% natural material that enhance the distribution of the fragrance, so that the scent remains in your home for a longer period.
They are undoubtedly the best way to repeat fragrance and see the bottle of our diffusers “always full”.

A journey through an exotic and mysterious garden, where floral and fruity fragrances blend in an enchanting symphony. From the very first moment, the notes of apple, black tea and goji berries surprise you with their freshness and vitality, transporting you to a landscape full of energy and vitality. Jasmine and gardenia bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to the scent.
They make you feel like you are walking through a secret garden, surrounded by exquisite flowers that give you their beauty and fragrance. The notes of vanilla, raspberry and gourmand add a sense of sweetness and pleasure to the ambiance. It will make you feel alive and full of energy, with elegance and sophistication in an exotic and mysterious world.




Top: apple, black tea, goji berries.
Middle: jasmine, gardenia.
Base: vainilla, raspberry, gourmand notes.


Remove the cap from the bottle and insert the reeds. After a few hours, turn them over, distributing them in the form of a fan. For proper maintenance (and to increase the intensity of the perfume), invert the sticks once a week. The aroma intensity will depend on the type of fragrance chosen, the number of reeds inserted and the temperature of the room where the diffuser is located. Don’t forget to wash your hands after contact with the sticks or liquid and wipe up any drops that may have spilled.


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