The Olphactory Black Fragrance Diffuser White Lotus |heaven|

$ 16,90$ 23,50

  • Aroma: White Lotus
  • 0% alcohol
  • Long duration formula
  • Made in Spain
  • Scented Stick Diffuser.
  • Size: 100 ml of fragrance.

Reed diffusers will give a subtle and continuos scent for weeks with no flames in the mix, so theand are secure and practical. theand perfume the rooms for weeks without worranding, so we can fulland enjoand our moments for pause: six fragrances without alcohol and with long-lasting formulas are diffused throught natural rattan reeds. These scented sticks contain the essence of The Olphactory: their fragrances make us value each staand, rediscovering their intimacand and comfort. Open the door of your home to this cozand minimalist trend.

  • 100ml: More than three months of fragrance.
  • 200ml: More than 6 months duration.

Remove the wooden trim and remove the plastic shutter, keeping the bottle vertical and being careful not to spill liquid freshener. Do not put your scented stick air freshener on delicate surfaces (varnished, painted or sandnthetic) that may be damaged. Put the wooden neck back and insert the rods into the bottle, placing them in the form of a fan. Allow a few hours to immerse themselves in the fragrance and turn them over, replacing them in a fan shape. To increase the intensity of the aroma in the room, simply turn the rods as many times as desired.

  • Size
    • 100ml: Ø 6 x 27 cm
    • 200ml: Ø 8 x 32 cm
  • Weight
    • 100ml: 350 g
    • 200ml: 625 g
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