The Olphactory · Catalyst Fragrances · Goji Black Tea :wandering:


A really fast and effective concept of home fragrance, which purifies and cures the environment thanks to its basic principle: catalysis. This chemical reaction without flame or smoke destroys bad smells and the molecules responsible for them. Thus, it improves the quality of the air while continuously perfuming the room for hours. These aromas available for catalytic lamps have been created with the highest quality. Intense and long-lasting fragrances that will make you enjoy clean and scented air for much longer.

Technical Specifications

  • Ambientair Collections
  • Collection The Olphactory
  • Spare part for catalyst lamp
  • Fragrance Goji Black Tea :wandering:
  • Format 500 ml

Instructions for use:

Unscrew the cap by breaking the plastic seal. Fill up to 2/3 of the body of the catalytic lamp with the help of a funnel. This liquid can be neutral or perfumed. Make sure that the wick of the lamp is in contact with the liquid for proper operation.

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